American Cannabis from purest extract




Pure American Cannabis extract
Verified CBD content
C8  MCT Oil
Coconut derived

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Verified CBD content
Keto C8 MCT Oil
from kind coconut

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Greenshield CBD is 99% pure and completely solvent free.

Our full spectrum CBD Oil provides a range of natural healthy phyto-cannabinoids

Greenshield use C8 MCT (Caprylic acid triglyceride) as our carrier oil.

C8’s eight carbon atom chains are the optimal molecular size for sublingual absorption.

C8 is also known for its ability to facilitate ketogenesis and promote neuronal nourishment.

Greenshield’s C8 MCT is 99% pure.

Our C8 oil comes from sustainably sourced coconuts

Verified CBD lab analysis can be found here

For those who prefer,
Greenshield Botanicals Citrus range offers
~a gentle note of organic essential oil
to enhance your bliss.


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Get the results you deserve! Optimized potency, increased absorption and improved performance.

Greenshield’s citrus range has added organic essential oil. Citrus is well-known for its uplifting quality and synergizes with CBD

CBD is gaining popularity due to its ability to affect multiple bodily systems.
Discover more about this miracle plant below.